Discovering your nutritional deficiencies

When you set up a nutritional evaluation appointment with Dr. Roguski, she evaluates your body through various ways of testing to find where your nutritional deficiencies lye. She then tailors a program specifically designed to be the right nutrition regiment for your body.

Whether your body lacks specific unknown nutrients or you have special dietary needs,

Dr. Roguski can help you put together a personalized supplement program. Because the nutritional guideline she composes is designed just for you and your body, you will see results.

In addition to being your nutritional counselor, Dr. Roguski also offers a unique brand of supplements to assist you in your new health-focused regiment. She uses high quality supplements that are only available through health care practitioners.

Remember, prior to taking any supplement, it is vital to consult with Dr. Roguski to determine which supplements your body requires. Be sure to schedule an appointment with her to best plot out your course of optimal nutritional living.

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