H O L I S T I C   P H A R M A C Y

The best care

A holistic pharmacy is made up of a variety of specialized formulas used by Dr. Roguski in her nutritional workups. We offer only the highest quality supplements for the patients who walk through our doors. Most supplements are whole food from organic sources, and the finest herbs found on the planet in which we live. We are so glad that you found us! Enjoy learning what our holistic pharmacy has to offer and remember: always make health your number one priority in your life.

​Dr. Roguski's mission is to provide a reputable source of information on integrative and alternative health products, offering high quality, therapeutic natural products. Dr. Roguski is well-versed in natural medicines and knowledgeable about herbs, vitamins, and minerals. We work with our patients to educate them and guide them towards a healthy lifestyle and to gain a better sense of well-being and overall improved health.

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